About Me

If Roland Emmerich needs ideas for his next film, he should give digital artist Steve McGhee a call.

My work reflects a personal interest in things human beings have little or no control over. We walk through life feeling like we’re indestructible, while in reality, we’re just the opposite. In the days and weeks following a major catastrophes,, people tend to reboot – we get shocked back into being human. That is to say, we react in an undeniably human way… whenever tragedy strikes in the world people come together to help those directly affected. It’s just too bad we have to be reminded that we’re human in such terrible ways.

My work is in no way intended to glorify or condone acts of terrorism or celebrate the loss of millions of souls who have perished in past events, rather it is a commentary on the frailty of human existence and made to honour the loved ones left behind to deal with their unbearable loss.

‘The Good the Bad and the Ugly’…  

I wrote the article for www.inspiredolgy.com on a bit of a whim. I had done other visual things for the site before, but this time Chad asked me to contribute to his Design & Photoshop section with some writing. Problem was, I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about. So, I went in a different direction. I think it turned out well. At the very least, it was honest. Note: My wife made it out of her ordeal unharmed. The Doctors who worked on her case, to this day, are Godsmacked by her recovery. She shouldn’t have made it. We were told she had a 3% chance of just surviving, let alone walking out of that Hell as if nothing had even happened. She died that morning, and a few days later, she came back.

To read the article click here >> The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – When a year feels like a day: Finding creative inspiration in tragedy and fortune.

P.S. Get your children and your loved ones checked for Long QT Syndrome. It’s important, because Long QT kills.